Solidworks* Corporation was founded in 1993 and provides 3D design software that serves industrial, medical, scientific, consumer, educational, technology, and transportation markets. More than three million product designers work for 240,000 companies worldwide.

Solidworks 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) platform allows designers to create sophisticated parts and assembly designs quickly and efficiently. The designs can flow into the Solidworks/Master CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) which can drive the equipment that produces the parts.  Solidworks 3D CAD

Solidworks provides a certification process for each module to assure companies that Solidworks designers who have achieved a demonstrational proficiency for these platforms are capable of meeting the companies’ standards.

SolidVets’ plan is to train Veterans to pass this certification testing at the end of their training. An instructor who is certified in the appropriate modules will direct the training process. SolidVets will provide assistance for these Veterans in achieving employment.

*Solidworks is a registered trademark of Solidworks Corporation.