Admissions Process


Admissions Process


SolidVets will have an admissions process, and at this time we are working on defining what that process will be.  SolidVets’ success will be measured by the percentage of Veterans who enter and complete the program and by the percentage who achieve Solidworks certification and attain employment as a CAD Technician.

For these reasons, SolidVets will select the most qualified from the pool of candidates who apply.  Be assured that the selection process will be both fair and as transparent as possible.  We will also seek input from prospective employers for those characteristics and experience they value when they interview those who have successfully completed the program.  SolidVets will not tolerate any form of discrimination by its staff or by prospective employers.

SolidVets will seek out prospective employers who know the values and characteristics that transitioning Veterans bring to their company by virtue of their years of service to our country.  We do not expect “perfect” in our process of selecting the best qualified for training.  For those Veterans needing support services beyond Solidworks training, SolidVets will work with the supportive services available to the Veteran to help them resolve issues that might inhibit their success.

At this time SolidVets does not expect the selected Veterans to be required to pay for our services.  Sixty percent of the training will be virtual, delivered those the supplied laptop at any place that has an Internet connection.  On-line support will be available by a Solidworks certified instructor during a specified time each day.

The remaining forty percent of the training will be face-to-face, requiring the Veteran’s attendance and participation at a specified location in the Western Pennsylvania area.  This training time and location will likely be determined after the group is selected to accommodate the needs of the majority and will likely occur on the weekend to allow the Veteran to work to support their needs.

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