Each year, an average of 245,000 Veterans retire from service to enter civilian life. While some make use of the Tuition Assistance Program and the GI bill, a significant number of Veterans do not and are left without a clear path into civilian life.  There are many organizations that provide help with resume building and job search, but if one's civilian job skills are limited then the Veteran's job prospects are limited.

SolidVets is a Pittsburgh-based, non-profit employment training program for military veterans focused on providing veterans with digital design skills to secure careers in the growing field of robotics and manufacturing.

SolidVets will teach veterans the technical skills necessary to close the gap between design technician and degree-holding engineers. The design technician will support the engineer at a lower cost to the employer. This raises the value of the engineer and the company as a whole, while offering the Veteran a respectable wage and strong employment future.